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This disclaimer governs your use of this website. By visiting this website, you accept this disclaimer in full. When reading information on this website, please know that you solely are responsible for your own health choices and decisions. Any information provided on this website, in consultation or in blog regarding natural therapies and associated advice, is developed from a degree-qualified naturopath. This advice is provided solely for educational purposes, developed from scientific literature and traditional sources of information and it is by no way intended as medical advice. Please contact your GP for any medical concerns.

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Refund & cancellation Policy

I respect that your time is valuable, and I hope you understand that mine is too.

I understand that ‘life’ happens, so when you are aware you cannot make your appointment please notify me ASAP. Please understand that there are other clients wanting appointments as well, and if you cannot make yours, someone else may be able to fill your spot.

I have a STRICT 24 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel within a 24 hour period of your booking time, you will need to pay or forfeit 50% of the consultation fee.

If you completely miss or forget about your appointment, the FULL consultation fee will be charged.

I understand that unforeseen emergencies can occur. It will be under my discretion whether I wave the above fees. If you are unable to physically come to your appointment, let me know as we can organise a skype, facetime or a phone call consult to avoid you having to pay the above fees.

I do not offer any refunds on consultations already ceased. If you have an issue with the consultation, you can email me any concerns on and we can sort out something.

There are no refunds for herbal mixtures made up. These are unique formulas for each and every client and cannot be resold once dispensed.

I do not offer refunds on nutritional or herbal supplements dispensed for change of mind.

In the situation a supplement is faulty or deemed unsafe to take please contact me immediately by email alexandra.naturopath@gmail.com so I can organise a replacement with the specific supplier or an alternative product with similar ingredients to ensure the desired outcome may be achieved.


I personally thank-you for taking the time to visit my website. I assure you this will be a space of positive energy within a fulfilling community of individuals.