Ever wanted to know what your iris says about your health?

Iridology is the study of the coloured part of the eye - the iris. Iridologists believe that certain markings and patterns within in iris can correlate with the body, and identify emerging or current health issues.

Iridology cannot diagnose, detect or cure a specific disease/ illness.

Did you know? Anybody from 6 month old infants (if they can hold still) to elderly can have their irises read!!

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All iridology reports are $70. What you will receive:

  • A full iridology report disclosing all information about your irises.

  • Dietary & lifestyle recommendations based on your iris.

  • Follow up Q&A via email is available if you have any other questions.

  • This will all be sent to you via email within 1 week of ordering, sending iris photos & receiving payment.

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